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Why Bamboos Sigh
  "Once upon a time there lived a princess. She was a very tall, lovely girl, with dar eyes and dark hair. She had all the clothes and jewels her heart could wish for. Many suitors wanted to marry her but she was never happy.
"Every day she sat along the river bank crying and sighing as if her heart was breaking. Her mother asked her about her situation. However, she only shook her head mournfully. One day, she sat weeping by the river. A fairy appeared before her asking, "Who are you? Why do you sit day after day beside my river house and weep and weep salt tears into it?" Now the hair of the fairy is tangled up. Still the princess never said a word. The fairy asked her again and again but the princess shook heread mournfully and began to sigh and weep again. The fairy became very angry. She raised her hand over the princess' head and said, "May you sigh and sigh until the seas run dry!" As she said this, the princess turned into a leafy bamboo tree, tall and
slender. It stood by the river side. Its leaves hang over the cool water sighing when the wind passes by."
C.C. Lutero, "Blaan Folk Literature," p. 35. Narrated by P. Tulio who head the story from a Blaan of Polomolok, South Cotabato. source: D.S. Fansler, FPT, No. 70, pp.404-05. A Tagalog Story narrated by Francisco M. Africa.

courtesy of: Fae References in Philippine Mythology [ link ]