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Ang pagkakalikha ng Bathala sa Kahinaan ng tao kaya kinakapitan ng Sakit
how God created the weakness of man and why he gets sick.

Once upon a time, only Fiu Weh and Tasu Weh lived in heaven.

One day, Fiu Weh decided to create companions in heaven. He got some mud and formed it into two people. While waiting for the two to dry, he leaned them against a large rock.

"I lean you on that rock so that you wouldn't get sick. You are like that rock, Hearty and Strong."

He breathed on the two, and they came alive, however the mud which formed them wasn't dry yet.

Fiu Weh thought, "It will be a long time before these two will dry, so I will leave for awhile."

When Fiu Weh left, Tasu Weh arrived. She wanted to see what Fiu Weh had wrought.

"Aba! Fiu Weh wants to make other beings like us. It cannot be! I shall move them." Tasu Weh whispered.

Tasu Weh got the humans and leaned them against a banana tree. "So that you wouldn't be like us, You shall become like this banana tree! Weak! Your skin shall not be able to resist anything sharp and shall easily break, and you shall become sick. Your lives too, will end! Just like this banana tree!" with that, she laughed and left.

That is why people die and get sick. The only thing we have that reminds us of our leaning against the rock are our nails on our hands and feet.

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