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Indarapatra at Sulayman Ang paglaban sa dambuhala
Indarapatra and Sulayman: The fight among the giants

Once upon a time, there lived a great and mighty Sultan, named Nabi Bakamarat and his wife, Potri Malaylabangsa in the kingdom of Komara Mantapoli. They were unhappy for a long time, because they were not gifted with a child.  Sad, they appealed to Bathala to gift them with a child. Bathala was moved by pity for the two and let his son, Indarapatra come down from heaven to be their son.

"I am Indarapatra," said the child to the couple.

Indarapatra grew up healthy and strong with special powers -- he was able to walk on the bottom of the ocean, and he was friends with the wild animals of the forest. When Sultan Nabi died, Indarapatra ruled Komara Mantapoli.

However, it was little known that Sultan Nabi had a child with one of his slaves. This son was named Sulayman. His existence was kept secret by the slave, because she did not want her son to die. It was only that when she lay dying that she admitted to her son's paternity and then died. Potri took the child, and raised him as her own. It wasn't long before Sulayman was recognized as Prince, and the best warrior in the whole kingdom.

Then it was quiet and peaceful in Komara Mantapoli, but then the giant, Omaka-an appeared and threw the whole kingdom into disorder. Omaka-an was mean and horrible. He ate man and beast and destroyed the crops. He had a charm that kept him from dying, or getting hurt, whomever or whatever fought him.

Because of the destruction wrought by Omaka-an, Indarapatra asked Sulayman to stop Omaka-an before there was no Komara Mantapoli left.

"Leave it to me, my brother-King." said brave Sulayman. "Even if Omaka-an is a sorcerer, I assure you that he will not be safe from my sharp kampilan." and together with his men, he left to do as he was bid by Indarapatra.

Many days had passed, and Sulayman had not yet returned to Komara Mantapoli. Worried, Indarapatra vowed to look for his missing brother. He mounted his winged horse and flew, over mountains and valleys, searching for his brother. He then came to a forest, where he attacked by wild animals. He waved his hand, slowly, and they stood, looking at him, and then left, one by one.

When Indarapatra arrived in the ocean, he left his horse and rose on a large binta. Because of the strong winds, his binta turned over. He dove then, and walked at the bottom of the ocean. The shark, jelly-fish, crab and pugita planned to eat him, but when Indarapatra struck the water, the noise shocked them, and Indarapatra was able to walk safely through these vicious monsters of the deep.

As dusk settled, Indarapatra found himself in front of a mountain. Because he was so tired, he fell asleep immediately. When he woke up, he caught and roasted a wild boar. While the boar was roasting, he noticed an old lady hanging on a tree. He got up and helped her, and led her to where he was roasting the boar. After eating, the old lady thanked him and turned into a beautiful fairy.

"I am Saling Talib," she said, "I was Omaka-an's former slave. He hung me on that tree because I did not do as he wished. Sulayman lies dying, from wounds from fighting the giant. When the giant gets hurt, his body becomes two, and when one of them is hurt, they become four. Because of this, he defeated Sulayman easily."

"Where can I find Omaka-an?" asked Indarapatra of the fairy. She led him to a cave at the back of the mountain. "When you face Omaka-an," she said softly, "Be sure that his body doesn't halve, and you will be able to defeat him." She gave him a dagger. "This is an enchanted dagger. When Omaka-an gets hurt, he will become blind. When this happens, stab him many many times."

Indarapatra entered the cave and shouted for Omaka-an. It was very dark and the cave was large, so large you could put fifty kalabaw in there and there would be room for more. "Omaka-an!" he shouted again, "Today will be your last! Come and show yourself!" The earth rumbled from the approaching Omaka-an. "This is my lucky day! I shall be able to eat man-flesh again!"

He did as the fairy bid him, and then cut off Omaka-an's head. He returned to his kingdom, with the head of Omaka-an. He told the kingdom of Sulayman's fate, and they mourned for two weeks, but at the same time they celebrated the courage and bravery of Indarapatra and Sulayman. From then on then, the Kingdom of Komara Mantapoli lived happily ever after. 

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