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The Maiden Star
(Bontoc Igorot)

  "On a cloudless night, one looks up into heaven and finds the sky beautifully studded with brilliant twinkling stars. On that part of the sky were one sees three stars lined together, these, it is said, are the three sisters and not so far away is a lone star, brighter        bigger, which is the star maiden.

  "The elders say that long, long ago, there was a rich young man who owned a large sugar plantation not far from his house. Beside this plantation was a lake of clearest blue water that sparkled in the distance. The man was proud of these possessions and was the envy of the village. Rich as he was he did not seek help when he tended his fields. He gave all the care and love to his plants, for from it came the best fayas in the whole mountain region.
 "But one morning when he made his usual visitation, he saw litters of sugar cane husk everywhere, a good portion of sugar cane gone, and the lake turbid. Angry, he went to the council of elders to investigate and to punish the culprits. An inquiry was made but they could not find anyone who would dare violate the pachipad. They decided then that he would catch the culprits himself and so that night he put up a shed near his field and kept vigil.
 As the night deepened, he fell into a deep slumber and woke up to find a worse situation than the previous night. He swore to sleep during the day and really stay awake the following night. So that night as the world slept, he sat watching and waiting, and soon he could hear voices, laughter and running feet. He peeped through a parted growth and much to his surprise saw beautiful maidens cutting canes, while others swam in the lake. In a trance he watched and just before the break of dawn he got back his wits and so was able to snatch a white cloth that lay nearest to his hiding place. Soon the maidens after having their fun, dressed and flew back to the heavens to flicker their last ray before the approach of dawn, except one who could not find her white robe.
 "Carefully hiding the clothes he took, he approached the maiden and carried her to his home. There they lived as man and wife, never to be disturbed by other star maidens.
   "As the years passed, they were blessed with three lovely daughters. And every night from then on, the woman never slept  another night, she just wove and wove long white robes. Until one night as the man slept with the world, they wore the roves and were gone.
 "The man woke up and found an empty house and a cold hearth, and he was sad. He could hardly wait for the night to come so that he may gaze up to the skies to see his beloved ones."

courtesy of: Fae References in Philippine Mythology [ link ]