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The Legend of Puente del Diablo

Pilapila is a small barrio of Binangonan, a town in the province of Rizal, along the shores of Laguna de Bay. In Pilapila there is a mound of stone which the people of the place call "Puente del Diablo". According to the people of Binangonan, it is so called because the mound was at one time the foundation of a bridge that was constructed by demons. This story is about that mound of stone.

Once upon a time, a very kind and beautiful maiden, Isabel, lived in Pilapila. Many young men wanted to marry her, but she vowed to serve God alone. So she devoted most of her time to  prayers. In spite of this, however, her suitors continued to visit her.

One day she decided to put an end once and for all to the visits being made by her suitors. She called them all to the house and told them: "I will give my hand in marriage to anyone of you who can, in one night, build a bridge across the bay to the town market at Los Baños."

All the suitors were dumbfounded over what they heard. They knew that to build such a bridge in one night was impossible. They then left, one by one. For her part, Isabel felt happy now that her suitors will not bother her anymore.

Suddenly, a very elegant young man approached Isabel and kissed her hand. This surprised the young maiden, for she did not know this man.

 "I am one of your suitors," the young man said. "I will try to fulfill your wish of having a bridge  built across the bay." And then he left. After his departure, Isabel felt uneasy so she went to her room and prayed.

When night came, the people of Pilapila were awakened by a loud and terrible noise, a noise which they have never heard before. They went out of their homes to find out what was the cause of the noise. And they saw hundreds of demons working on a bridge across the bay!

Isabel herself saw what was going on and, terrified at what she saw, she made the sign of the cross and went to the barrio chapel. Inside the chapel, she realized that the man who had talked to her was a demon. She called for the church acolyte and asked him to ring the church bells. Then she took the cross from the altar and went to the place where the bridge was being       constructed.

When the demons saw what Isabel was carrying, all of them scampered and left the bridge unfinished.

 The following morning, the people of Pilapila saw a mound of stone along the bay. That mound of stone was the foundation of the bridge which the demons planned to build across Laguna de Bay.

courtesy of: Mga Awit ng Nakaraan (Songs of the Past) [ link ]