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Kung Bakit Umuulan
Why does it rain?

There was a time when there was still no world. No sun, no moon. No time. There was no life yet, nor death.

At the beginning, they were only two. Tungkung Langit and Alunsina, and they were both gods.

"Watch, my love, for I will create the universe for you." said Tungkung Langit, for he saw that Alunsina was lonely.

"I can create too, Let me help you." offered Alunsina.

"Never mind, love, I want this to be my gift to you. The sun, the stars, the planets, the moon, the clouds and the wind."

"But I too, am powerful, for I am a Goddess." whispered Alunsina. Tungkung Langit just smiled and leaned towards Alunsina. He gathered all the strength in his chest and drew a powerful breath. And when Tungkung Langit finally shouted, his voice echoed throughout the vast emptiness that was then.

Every word that escaped from Tungkung Langit's mouth came true. The newly made sun spread its rays. The stars began to spin. The planets appeared and the moon peeked out. The wind began to make its presence felt. Everything began to look different.

And so this happened again and again. Tungkung Langit loved Alunsina so much that he never wanted her to get tired. He didn't want her to lift a finger to make any useful thing.

"I would rather you sat still, didn't tire yourself, and be beautiful."

After awhile, Alunsina got tired of such a life. She felt useless, and she wanted to... create.

"Don't worry," Tungkung Langit told his wife. "I'll put an end to your boredom. I shall create TIME!"

At the moment he said those words, time began.

With time came memory, and Alunsina remembered the time when space was just a vast emptiness, when the power of creation ran through her veins. "Let me create!" cried her soul, and she wept.

One day, she followed Tungkung Langit without letting him know. When Tungkung Langit saw her, he asked her immediately, "Why are you here? Why did you follow me?" 

"I wish to create! Just like you!"

"Oh love, you are bored again, aren't you? Never mind it all, I would make thunder and lightning for you."

And all the skies lit up with the sharp stab of lightning. They were surprised by the gigantic roar of thunder. The sun hid, with the moon and stars. Even the wind hid itself. But Alunsina didn't move. She just stood there, watching, lines etched on her brow.

"I'm sick and tired of watching your sun and planets and stars. I'm sick of just being here, existing. I can create! I have my own power."

But Tungkung Langit did not hear her. He rushed back to create more of the universe. He just thought that his goddess wanted some of his attention.

The hurt grew inside Alunsina's heart. She left their home. Tungkung Langit did not expect her to leave, and was in shock when he found that there was no fire in their stove and no food on their table. He stood there, on the doorway of heaven, alone and forsaken.

"ALUNSINA! Alunsinaaaaaaaaaaaaa!'

The God searched and searched for his goddess but she was nowhere to be found. He called for her again and again, but the wind brought back the lonely echo of his voice.

The goddess was gone. Gone was the joy of his eyes. Gone, the thrill of his heart. And when he looked once again at his universe, all he saw was empty space.

Time rolled on, and even the skillful touch of the god tired of creation. Each day Tungkung Langit watched all corners of the universe, hoping to find his wife. But he saw nothing.

One day, Tungkung Langit leaned out from behind some clouds. He swept aside the darkness like a curtain in the sky. And there in front of him in space and to his great surprise stood Alunsina.

"What are you doing here, my love? I have searched for you for a long time." 

Alunsina looked up and once again, Tungkung Langit saw the joy he had been looking for, the happiness he had always desired. But Alunsina's words stabbed at him, sharp edged as they were, cutting through the happiness he had just found.

"I have created the world. This earth of trees and flowers. Birds and fish. I am creating mountains, seas and skies. I plant life, for I am a goddess." And she went on with her making.

From then on, Alunsina did not return to the heavens. Even with the thunder and lightning, Tungkung Langit could no longer entice her to go back to her old life.

Now, if he wanted to visit his former wife, Tungkung Langit had to turn into rain -- rain that watered the earth created by his love, Alunsina.

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