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Ang mapanumpa at mainggiting diyos
The vindictive and jealous god

From the beginning,  Tasu Weh has always been jealous of Fiu Weh.

Once upon a time, when the heavens still hung low, there was plenty of food to eat. Fiu Weh didn't have a hard time looking for something to eat.

One day, he laid out his rice to dry in the heat of the sun. Afterwards, he called the birds to him and he asked for some of their eggs. The birds landed near the rice and gave Fiu Weh their eggs in thanks. Fiu Weh thanked the birds, and feasted on the eggs.

There was also this other day, when Fiu Weh craved the heart of the wild boar. He called the Wild-boars of the forest and asked them for a heart. Because he was kind and good, the boars gave him what he wanted. Happily, Fiu Weh thanked the boars and feasted.

When Tasu Weh learned of this, he became very jealous of Fiu Weh. He approached Fiu Weh and asked him how was he able to get food so quickly, for he was starving. Because Fiu Weh cannot lie and was inherently good anyway, he told Tasu Weh the truth.

Tasu Weh did as he was bid by Fiu Weh. He laid out rice for the birds and asked for eggs. The birds landed on the rice, but refused to give their eggs to Tasu Weh, for they knew what he was really like. This angered Tasu Weh, and he cursed them, saying "From now on, you shall never be close to man. You will only be able to get close to them only if they trap you. That is my curse upon you and all your kind!"

Tasu Weh, still hungry, decided to call the Wild Boars. "I wish a boar heart," he shouted to them. The boars approachd, and then Tasu Weh killed one of them and it cried in pain. The boars got scared and scattered. Tasu Weh flared!!! He was so angry! 'Accursed boars! I curse you like I did the birds! You would never be close to man, and you will only be close to you when they catch and kill you. Remember that!" he shouted.

From then on, the boars and the birds aren't easily caught, they need to be hunted, and then killed.

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